Christy Lamb
Costume Designer & Art Director

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1st Born (2018, Feature)
Costume Designer
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About Christy

Christy Lamb graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Media Arts & Design. After working in New York on commercial, tv and film productions for over a decade, Christy now designs film and tv projects in the greater Los Angeles area. She creates thoughtful, convincing designs that heighten the project’s vision and reveal unique worlds.

Art Sequence from Christy Lamb on Vimeo.

Selected Filmography

Nike Air Max (2017, Commercial)
Art Director
Cycle Media,  Dir. Cody Blue Snider

American Dresser (2017, Feature)
Costume Designer
The Film House, Dir. Carmine Cangialosi

Abengoa (2016, Commercial)
Art Director  
Two Pound Bag, Dir. PJ Posner

Last Night (2016, Short Film)
Art Director, Dir. Whitney Meers

Minor Embarrassments (2015, Web Series)
Production Designer
Nonlinear Films, Dir. Maggie Chan

The Butt (2015, Music Video)
Wardrobe/Production Design Assistant
Above Average, Dir. Jared Lapidus

Left to Your Own Devices (2015, Commercial)
Costume Designer
National Headquarters, Dir. Larry Cohen 

West Elm Catalogue (2014, Print)
Set Designer

Elliman App (2014, Commerical)
Set Designer
Rain Media, Dir. Timothy Whitney

Bad at Dancing (2014, Short Film)
Production Designer 
National Headquarters, Dir. by Joanna Arnow
Silver Bear, Berlinale 2015

SCRIPPS Networks (Broadcast)
Set Designer/Wardrobe
SoloVision (2010-2011) , various 

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