Christy Lamb

Christy Lamb graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Media Arts & Design. After working in New York on commercial, tv and film productions for over a decade, Christy now produces film and tv projects throughout Los Angeles. She enjoys creating complex, realistic portraits that challenge mainstream stereotypes and improve lives. 

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Selected Filmography

THESE C*CKSUCKING TEARS (2016, Documentary Short)
Dir. Dan Taberski
Best Documentary Short, SXSW 2016

HOV (2014, Narrative Short) 
Dir. Kamala Seals

ELLIMAN APP (2014, Commercial)
Dir. Timothy Whitney 

WHEN THE NIGHT FALLS (2014, Narrative Short) 
Associate Producer
Dir. Ed Bergtold

LIMINAL SPACES (2015, Documentary Short)
Dir. Lucas Smith with Third Rail Projects 

CUNNINGHAM 3D (2014, Documentary Feature)
Dir. Alla Kovgan with Chance Operations

ANOTHER TELEPATHIC THING (2014, Documentary Short)
Dir. Jonathan Demme

SCRIPPS Networks (2010 - 2011, Branded Content/Various) Producer

SPERM DONOR X (2010, Documentary Feature)
Associate Producer (2010)
Dir. Deirdre Fishel with New Day Films

TOE TO TOE (2009, Narrative Feature)
Associate Producer
Dir. Emily Abt with Pureland Pictures

ALL OF US (2008, Documentary Feature)
Associate Producer,
Dir. Emily Abt with Pureland Pictures